Gain confidence in high-pressure motorway driving situations

Driving on the motorway can be scary. Hitting the motorway for the first time with the support of a qualified driving instructor can really boost your confidence!

Motorways are fast-paced and require you to think quickly at times. Observation is key, and not all drivers are as sensible as you’d like them to be! These factors can place a lot of pressure on even experienced drivers, so for someone new to driving, getting on the motorway can be quite a scary experience!

The aim of our motorway driving lessons is to provide you with 3 hours of vital motorway experience with the support of one of our qualified driving instructors. We will advise you on safe driving practise and let you know what to expect when you’re out on the motorway.

Motorway driving lessons are not mandatory, but we find that many of our students benefit from that little bit of support and advice on their first motorway drive.