Intensive and semi-intensive driving lesson courses

Learn to drive in as little as a week with our intensive and semi-intensive driving lesson courses. You'll also save loads of money compared to weekly driving lessons!

These driving lesson courses are ideal for someone with previous driving experience (although complete beginners are also considered), and we’ll start you off with an assessment to see how many hours we think you’ll need.

There is a time commitment involved in taking our intensive driving lesson courses, so you will need to dedicate a week to taking one. The holidays are ideal if you’re a school/college attendee! You’ll also need to book and pass your theory test before taking your practical test.

Here are some great reasons to take on an intensive driving course:

  • Pass your test in as little as a week
    If you book your practical test in advance, you could be done and dusted in just a week!
  • Save loads of money
    Paying for an intensive course gets you a big discount compared to buying the same number of lessons individually
  • No time to get rusty between lessons
    You’ll be driving every day of the week for 6-8 hours a day, so you won’t get a chance to forget what you’ve learnt!

IMPORTANT! – We strongly recommend that you pass your theory test before taking on an intensive driving lesson course, as not doing so will delay your ability to take your practical test soon after your course ends. The whole point of taking in intensive course is to get driving ASAP! Read our theory test information here.

Semi-intensive driving lesson plans

Semi-intensive plans are an excellent alternative to fully-intensive driving lesson courses for those that are unable to set a full week aside for their lessons. You can arrange to have several hours’ worth of lessons each week to help you pass your driving test quickly.

  • Pass fast without the huge time commitment
    You can take on 2 or 3 two-hour driving lessons per week, allowing you to pass your test faster compared to weekly single lessons.
  • Book as much or as little as you like in advance
    Book up to four two-hour lessons, or pay for one of our “Lesson Blocks” at a discounted rate. Lesson Blocks usually consist of one-hour lessons, but when you speak to your instructor you can arrange to have two-hour lessons instead.
  • No need to pass theory test before starting
    Unlike our intensive courses, you do not need to pass your theory test before starting.

You can book online by choosing one of the options on our payments page. You are not required to pay online, but you can if you wish to.